Lee Na-Moo

Lee Na-Moo is an internationally renowned performer and an innovative force in the dance community.

His performances combine the vibrant art of belly dance with contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and several Asian styles.  While belly dance has largely been dominated by women and has largely been associated with the Hollywood’s ideas of what’s a belly dancer is, Lee’s performances elevate this ancient art form to pure artistry, requiring terrific physical mastery and control.  And the notion of men within this art form is rare and very compelling; Lee tries to honor it with his sincere sense of creativity.  With his physicality and emotion, Lee is reinventing this breathtaking art form.

Lee has performed at Alhambra Palace, House of Blues, The Aviary, Crescendo Lounge, The Metro, and Buenos Aries-Argentina among many others, and has travel to Spain where he was invite to teach and perform at the 7th International Oriental Festival in Valladolid where he was a favorite due to his well-crafted innovative choreography.

Lee studied with Read My Hips directed by Stephanie Barto and still dance with them every weekend at Alhambra Palace, and also a company member with the Joel Hall Dancers in Chicago.

Lee has proven himself internationally as well as locally in the Chicago area. He is helping to shape a new perspective of belly dance through his tireless efforts in choreography and performance, to raise this dance form to a truly artistic experience.

He can be seen in Taproot’s (Victory Records) music video “Release Me.”  In October 2010, he won the Chicago Oriental Dance Competition and as a result won a trip to perform with Mario Kirlis in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2012, he auditioned for the Bellydancer Superstars; and through that he was invited to travel to Spain in March of 2013 to perform and teach at the 7th International Oriental Festival in Valladolid. He now studies and dance as a principal dancer with the JHD, 2013-present, and still perform locally as a soloist and guest performer for other troupes.