Louchia hails from Moldova, west of the Black Sea just south of Russia. Raised in a family of famous musicians, her father is an internationally renowned composer and her mother is a nationally renowned singer. At the age of 6, Louchia began studying ballet and gymnastics.  At 16, Louchia entered the professional dance college of the National Folk Ballet of Moldova, Jok. For 3 years, Louchia trained in Classical Ballet, Folk and Character Dance: Moldavian, Russian, Gypsy, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian styles. Louchia has Bachelor degree in Dance/Choreography from Institute of Art in Moldova.

Since arriving in the US in 1994, Louchia has devoted 5 years to Kalinin’s Russian Gypsy Theater, performed at Bill Gates’ birthday party, danced for 3 years with the Aman American Folk Ensemble, and has danced for 8 years with the Pars Nation Ballet (Persian), led by former Principal of Theater of Ballet of Iran Abdula Nazemi.

In 1996 Louchia met bellydance superstar Jillina. She became Louchia’s primary bellydance teacher, and invited Louchia to join “Jillina and the Sahlala Dancers” in 1998.

Louchia is an award winning bellydancer and has earned titles such as: the GAMAL Dance Award for Solo Dance/Persian Interpretative Style in 2003 and Belly Dancer of The Universe Competition, 1st Place in the Egyptian category and 1st in for Drum Solo and also won the People’s Choice Award in 2006.

Besides bellydance, Louchia has mastered the dances of Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan,
Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Russian Gypsy Styles.

Louchia mesmerizes audiences with her solo performances. She performed and taught in Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Czech Republic, France, Indonesia, Korea and Poland. Louchia’s charismatic, elegant and professional talent illuminates the stage as both solo artist and company performer. By merely glancing at her sparkling mosaic green eyes, one can clearly see that eternally curious and talented spirit that is Louchia.  You can view more about Loucia at her personal web site www.Louchia.com