Ozzy Ashkenazi

Master percussionist, Ozzy began playing the darbuka in 2001.  Half Moroccan and half Egyptian, Ozzy was born in Israel and raised in Miami, Florida.  His innovative style is reflective of his hot-blooded roots and influenced by his hometown’s vibrant Latin dance and music scene.  

Ozzy has performed with renowned groups such as Hahbi’Ru, Zatar and Qadim and has recorded with audiomachine composer Paul Dinletir, and with Latin Grammy nominated artist Elsten Torres.

Ozzy is the original percussionist for Bellydance Evolution and has composed the majority of the companies drum solos.  He also has released multiple drum solo CD’s and instructional DVD’s.  When not teaching and performing, Ozzy proudly serves in the US Airforce. 

You can view more about Ozzy on his personal website: www.darbukaozzy.com