Q. Does it cost anything to join?

A. Yes, it is $35 to register.  You now have 60 days from the time you register to compete in as many times as you want.  But you have to still upload your video(s) by the individual competition deadlines.  If you want to compete again after the 60 days you will have to sign up and pay the fee again.


Q. Can anyone compete for a upcoming Bellydance Evolution competition?

A. Yes of course!  However, you have to learn the choreography in a very short period of time, so we look for dancers that can adapt well to our choreography and style. If you are considering entering for a competition that is not in your local area, keep in mind that winners will be responsible for ALL of your travel and accommodation expenses.  Please review the TERMS & CONDITIONS page for details.

Click here for a list of upcoming dates and locations.


Q. Are males allowed to compete?

A. Yes!  Although we don’t have a specific male role for our newest production, we are definitely open to casting a male dancer.


Q.  Can I compete in both the Oriental and Tribal categories?

A. YES.  You are welcome to submit both an Oriental and Tribal video if you feel you are strong in both areas and want to increase your chances of winning.


Q. How do I sign up for a BDE competition?

A. Click the SIGN UP NOW button and create your account/fill out the online application and pay the $25 registration fee.  Click How to Join Us  for more information on the competition process.


Q. How can I view/download the competition video and music?

A. You have to sign up for the competition FIRST before you can view or download the instructional videos and music.  Once you have signed up, you will need to log on to your account and you will automatically be taken to the video download page.  You can either stream the videos via the internet or you can download them onto your computer and watch them offline.


Q.  How do I upload my video?

A.  There are two places you can upload your video.
1.  Log on to your account and you will be taken to the video download page and at the bottom is an UPLOAD VIDEO link.
2. Go to the COMPETITION VIDEOS page and click the Upload Competition Video link.
You will attach the video file you want to upload, then select the competition location you are competing for and the style (Oriental or Tribal) you are competing for.  If you are competing for multiple styles or locations you will just repeat this for each video you want to upload.

NOTE: Please use only US characters on your video files in order for them to upload properly.  Please do not use any foreign characters on your video file names.


Q.  Can I use any solo performance video for my audition video?

A.  Yes.  You can use any solo performance footage for your solo clip.  But it needs to be no longer then 3 minutes.  You also need to make sure it is the first video clip on your audition video.  You will edit our BDE choreography second.


Q.  How are the winners chosen?

A. Jillina and Heather review all the videos for a competition and chooses 8-16 dancers to be cast in that local show.  They look for dancers that can capture the style of dance and can perform all the details of her choreography. In the solo performance they look for something unique that showcases your performance strengths and personality.


Q.  When will I know if I was selected as a winner?

A. Each competition usually ends 1-2 months prior to the first rehearsal, so the winners will have time to make any travel arrangements if needed and will have plenty of time to learn the show choreography we send them.

Check the calendar for the location you are competing for to see the deadlines.


Q.  If I win do I have to attend ALL rehearsal days?

A. YES!  If you are selected as one of the winners you must be able to attend ALL rehearsals during the rehearsal week.  There are many choreographies, formations and details that need all dancers to be there.  If you are not able to attend all rehearsals you will not be able to win a BDE competition.


Q. What do I receive if I win?

A.  There are a few things Competition winners will receive.

Winners receive:

  • Cash compensation for each performance ($75 for the first performance and $50 for each additional performance (if there are more then one).)
  • International exposure on the Bellydance Evolution website/s and publications
  • Opportunity for future involvement in Bellydance Evolution shows & festivals
  • Free tuition for Bellydance Evolution workshops
  • Intensive training Jillina & the BDE main cast.
  • The opportunity to perform with some of the top artists in the field of Middle Eastern dance & music.

For more details please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS page.


Q.  If I sign up in advance for a BDE workshop and am later chosen as one of the winners, do I still have to pay for the workshop?

A. It is BDE’s policy that all competition winners receive free tuition to the workshop. If you wish to register for the workshops before the competition closes, to guarantee your spot, you will be refunded for your workshop fees winning the competition (minus any credit card or PayPal processing fees).


For more information on the competition, please read the “Terms and Conditions” and “How to Join Us” pages.