Kapua’s passion and natural ability to entertain and perform began at an early age. He started his
formal dance instruction at the age of 9 with the Polynesian dance group Otea Api of Fremont, CA.
Shortly after starting his Tahitian training, Kapua began hip hop dance instruction with Mission Dance
& Performing Arts. Upon his transition in moving to Las Vegas in 2005, he then joined Culture Shock
In October of 2007, Kapua was selected as a dancer to join Cirque Du Soleil’s The Beatles Love Show
at the Mirage. After 4 years with Cirque, Kapua moved on to create his own dance school, Rare
Artistry, directing his focus purely on the community and spawned a passion for giving back thru his
craft of dance.
As the journey continues for Kapua, he is now in a new atmosphere of his life residing full time in Los
Angeles continuing to pursue his ambitions in the entertainment industry. He is full at heart in complete
gratitude for the endless support and belief he has always received and had from his family since the
“When you know, you know, dancing is what I know and knew since I was 4. It’s my responsibility to
cherish and share my gift, my blessing, and utilize it to the fullest of my potential above all judgment,
above all fear, above all failure, above all obstacles trials and tribulations, and influence all that I can in
a positive and inspiring manner thru my movement and motion.”