Kaeshi Chai

Of Chinese descent, Kaeshi Chai was born in Brunei and brought up in New Zealand and Australia. She co-founded the New York based dance company, Bellyqueen, with Amar Gamal in 1998 and is it’s current artistic director. In 2004, Kaeshi also co-founded “PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment)“, a healing dance and music community, which has rapidly spread into many branches all over the US and internationally.

Kaeshi has performed and taught all over the world including the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Bali, Trinidad, Australia and extensively throughout Asia. In 2003-2004, she performed with the first professional touring belly dance company in the world, the “Bellydance Superstars” and held the position of dance captain for the 2004 US & Canadian Spring tour. She can be seen in the following DVDs, “American Bellydancer”, “Bellydance Jam” and “The Bellydance Experience” by Bellyqueen, “Live in Paris at the Folies Begere”, and “Crazed: The Bellydance”. In her spare time, Kaeshi studies Mandarin, enjoys traveling, and drinking Soy Chai Lattes.  You can view more about Kaeshi on her personal web site www.bellyqueen.com